House, Horse & Hound


The prices below are only a guide, we appreciate that all animals, and all situations are different. 
Please give us a call or email and we will give you a quote based on your individual needs and requirements.


House Sitting - (Prices on a Per-24-Hour-Period Basis)


Base Price £75.00 

Peak Time £85.00

(Includes up to 2 stabled horses or 4 non-stabled horses, and up to 5 cats, dogs or small/domestic animals)


Additional Stabled Horses £8.50 each

Additional Non-Stabled Horses £5.00 each

Grooming £5.00 per session

Exercising £15.00 per session


Additional dogs £2.50 each

Additional cats £1.50 each

Additional small domestic animals €1.50 each

Chickens & Poultry £2.50 per group

Sheep & Goats €5.00 per group


Please contact us for other animal care


Horse Sitting Only- (Prices Per Day)

Stabled horses £25.00 each for first 2, then £10.00 each

Non-stabled horses £18.00 each for first 2, then £6.00 each

Grooming £5.00 per session

Exercising £15.00 per session

Additional Milage & Transport Costs

Additional Mileage will be charged @ £0.40 per mile on all Horse & House Sits over 20 miles, and all Daily Visits where the tota mileage travelled is over 30 miles per day. (All mileage charges are subject to change based on fuel cost).

If other methods of transport are necessary (trains, flights etc) then the client will be charged the actual cost of the transport.

" ...if any of our animal buddies are looking for a doggy sitter for any occasion Nicole is the women for the job. She is a true animal lover and we loved having her here."

-Happy Client-

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