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Who looks after your horse and home when you go on holiday?

There’s no denying that owning an animal is a real commitment whether that’s a dog, a cat, a horse, or even the family goldfish! If you are going to be away from home, even for just a few consecutive nights, you need an effective plan in place. You can’t very well leave your animals to fend for themselves. 

No matter how big or small the animal you own, they all need to be fed and watered. 

They might also need to be regularly exercised in your absence. While you might well trust the neighbours at No19 to pop round, water the plants and put out some cat food, do you want to trouble them with walking an energetic and demanding dog on a daily basis?

What about if you own horses?

While you could quite easily take a small dog with you a family holiday, taking your horse isn’t quite so simple! In either case, your options are limited from a practical perspective as to where you can physically travel to. Besides needing to find animal friendly locations with adequate stabling and kennelling, you also need to consider transportation. Deciding to take any pets overseas with you is a serious commitment. While pet passports do of course exist, most animal owners prefer to holiday domestically which can feel quite limiting.

What to do if you have pets but love to travel?

There are more people in the UK than ever before who own dogs and horses and it’s fair to say that they still enjoy a love of travel and adventure; exploring new places both near and far. So what options are available for animal owners and specifically what do horse owners do when they want to go on holiday? 

Let’s review 6 options available to horse owners in need of a holiday. 

1. Take the horse with you.

You probably own a truck and trailer so from a practical perspective it’s viable. It does very much limit your options though and 2 weeks island hopping around Greece is a non-starter!

2. Enlist the help of family and friends

If you have people living in your household not going on holiday with you, then this could be a sensible solution. Or perhaps you have friends and family close by wiling to drive over every day and take care of monitoring your horse and house at the same time. It’s quite a commitment though and when it comes to horses, it’s essential that whoever you do enlist help from has a basic level of equine knowledge and knows what to do in case of a medical emergency. 

3. Trainer or Instructor

If you have riding lessons, perhaps your trainer or instructor wouldn’t mind popping by and taking your horse out for a ride. Will they want to be responsible for the daily cleaning and feeding though? What about keeping an eye on your home and any other pets you might have indoors? Sounds like quite a big favour to ask from someone you probably only see a few times a week at most.

4. Local farm owner

Perhaps you are already self-boarding. Maybe you can make arrangements with your local farm owner to feed your horses and take them out to pasture while you’re away. What about exercising them, though? While your horse might well enjoy a 2-week break doing nothing more than grazing on grass all day, it’s not the ideal scenario 

5. Full board stable

An option that many dog and horse owners reluctantly consider is full board stabling. If you do want to enjoy a decent overseas break, confident in the knowledge that your animal will be fed, monitored and exercised daily by professionals, then this certainly makes a lot of sense. It does require an amount of upheaval though and it still doesn’t take into account monitoring what’s going on at your home.

6. Horse and house sitting UK services

Your final option is to enlist the help of a horse and house sitting UK specialist. A business expressly set up with experienced horse people who will come to your home, farm, or wherever you have your horses stabled to perform a range of useful functions.

  • From house sitting, horse sitting to hound sitting

  • Checking your post and watering your plants

  • Feeding, exercising and grooming your horse

  • Feeding, walking and playing with your dog

If you have animals and a home that requires TLC and to be monitored while you enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, then horse and house sitting UK services could finally turn that dream holiday into a reality for you. 

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